Publication: Analysing Informal ICT Micro-Enterprises Using Activity Theory

Foster, C.G., 2010. Analysing Informal ICT Micro-Enterprises Using Activity Theory: The Case of Mobile Handset Regulation in India. Presented at the ICTD2010, London, UK.
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There is an increasing presence of informal micro-enterprises in developing countries which use information and communications technology (ICTs) at the centre of their operations.

Analysis of such enterprises has so far focussed on the local practices of individual entrepreneurs which whilst significant, does not provide a complete understanding of how such enterprises evolve, underplaying wider contextual issues, such as entrepreneur interconnection, institutional environments and supply chain relations.

This paper illustrates an example of using Activity Theory to analyse ICT micro-enterprise. Activity Theory allows a dynamic understanding of evolving technology use, but with consideration to connected and heterogeneous ICT micro-entrepreneurs.